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Saturday, May 8, 2021



Jethro Tull - Tullicatessen (Chrysalis) :: Includes the hit single "Schwarma For One."

Demander - The Unkindness Of Ravens (self released) :: Wherein Karen Kanan Corrêa shows she has her Siouxie Sioux shtick down cold.

Mark Davis - Part One: Don't You Think We Should Be Closer? & Part Two: Mistakes I Meant To Make (self-released) :: I'd really like to say that this guy's the prolifically inventive multi-instrumentalist Todd Rundgren of country music, but I just can't. He does get an A for ambition, though.

Belinda Bruce & The Tawny Stars - The Good Life (self released) :: Capable country cuts that're elevated by the seven-minute-long "Blackout," which invents an entire new genre: ambient country art rock.

The First Time - Taking Breaking Down (Frontline) :: Snappy snarlin' songs with a proto-punk pop pedigree.

The Holloways - So This is Great Britain? (TVT) :: I bought The Clash's London Calling. The Clash's London Calling is in my record collection. Holloways, you're no London Calling.

Johnny Irion - Ex Tempore (Rising Son) :: I've heard Neil Young ape jobs, but the quavering vocal inflections on this stellar swipe-job are uncannily eerie, right down to the sparse After The Harvest musicianship. And your point is?

Tia Carrera - Heaven/Hell (Arclight) :: These clods steal Yes' classic song "Starship Trooper" and then rename it as their own composition, thinking that no one will notice. Well, I notice everything-and I hope Chris Squire sues their sorry, thieving asses off.

SIZZLING PLATTER OF THE WEEK: Kate Mann - Devil's Rope (Orange Dress) :: Kate's got a back tat that's the size of Oregon and a voice that's twice as big. Armed with a guitar and harp, she cranks out a chicken-wired wall of country rock that'll have your toes tappin' while you watch out for flying beer bottles.

Frank Zappa, Dolly Parton & Lou Reed - Mother, Jugs & Speed (Bizarre) :: Includes the hit single "I'm Waiting For My Mammary."

Be seeing you!

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