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Saturday, September 5, 2015





The Mooney SuzukiThe Maximum Black EP (V2) :: This reissue of 1999’s The Black EP by one of rock’s most engagingly raucous primitive agit-pop garage bands is freshly adorned with five primo bonus outtake nuggets. Now if only they’d record a new one.


Scott SolterCanonic (Hometapes) :: SWM into “machines, grease, razor, tape” seeks atonal audience for disjointed distortion disc. Serious replies only.


That Handsome DevilThat Handsome Devil (Stardust) :: This sleazy funkified jazzbo lounge album sounds as if Jeremy “Swimmin’ in Wimmin” Page struck a crossroads deal with Mojo Nixon—and then reneged.


Mae ShiRapider Than Horsepower (SAF) :: What if Kurt Cobain’s brain had been recorded at that exact moment?


Patrick PorterDie Wandaland LP (Grey Day) :: The joyous and buoyant “Bond Funeral Home” is a very good start, but the rest of this smart airy acoustic early Bowiesque pop album is just begging for a Mick Ronson to come along and plug some much needed electricity into the proceedings.


YanniYanni Live! The Concert Event! (Image) :: Perfect for making the dishes or washing the bed, this glossy live in Las Vegas cross between Jean Michel Jarre and Mike Oldfield will appeal to the closet new age syntho symphomaniac art-rock addict in you.


TotimoshiLadrón (Crucial Blast) :: Led Jappelin (sic) heaviness produced by woman-hater Page Hamilton (very sic)—but try not to hold that against them.


The Mooney SuzukiHave Mercy (V2) :: I love it when a band takes my advice. You’ll love it that they did.


Kasabian Empire (RCA) :: 48 crash on Highway 61.


SIZZLING PLATTER OF THE WEEK: SloanNever Hear The End Of It (Murder) :: Thirty songs, all blended into one big mind-bending Beatlesque block of nonstop pop that’s almost as good as the originals—and “almost” is about as good as you’re gonna get these days, bub.


The BeatlesLove (Capitol) :: Like I said.


Be seeing you!

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