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Saturday, August 15, 2015





Blood BrothersYoung Machetes (V2) :: Remember the end of “Draw The Line” when Steve Tyler jibber-jabbers out the lyrics in one big indecipherable scream stream like he had a big 10-inch toy in his attic? Well, that’s what this entire album sounds like.


The Avett BrothersThe Gleam (Ramseur) :: Sparse acoustic pickin’ propels plaintive singin’-songwritin’ so have a hanky handy—and a stiff drink.


The Baldwin BrothersReturn Of The Golden Rhodes (TVT) :: This discofied superfly funkfest is more fun than a drug deal gone good, you jive turkey!


Sisters EuclidRun Neil Run (Northern Blues) :: Now appearing nightly in the Deodato 2001 lounge: Neil Young songs performed as Hammond-heavy mighty instrumentals. Bonus points for weaving “Dixie” throughout “Southern Man.” Points deducted for not quoting “Fixing A Hole” during “The Needle And The Damage Done.”


Debbie HoganUndiscovered (SoBe) :: Well let me tell you something, brother: Whatcha gonna do—WHATCHA GONNA DO—when Debamania runs wild on you?


Eighteen VisionsEighteen Visions (Epic) :: Eyeliner guys who can’t decide whether to be choral Queen or deballed Metallica.


Some ActionThe Band That Sucked The Life Out Of Rock ’n’ Roll And Killed Itself In The Process (Gigantic) :: These dumbelinas shake some action on a raw Ramonesish pawdy record that’ll go great with stash smokin’ and chick chokin’.


SIZZLING PLATTER OF THE WEEK: Jony James Blues BandWhat About Tomorrow (Blue Wave) :: A lot of guys who sing the blues these days sound so gosh-darned healthy that their weepy message to blub inevitably gets diluted. Jony James, however, sounds so run-through-the-wringer on this new album of his that he can’t help but get his point across in no uncertain terms. Oh, and his uncanny guitar solo on “Tragic Magic” just may be the best blues guitar solo ever, this side of Roy Buchanan.


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