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Saturday, November 25, 2023



NushuHula (self released) :: Nushu is the band name of Hillary Burton and Lisa Mychols, the latter being the ‘primo pop princess’ responsible for one of my favorite all time brain-invadin’ tunes, the aptly-titled “Out Of My Mind” which drove me just that. But even I’m sane enough to know that this beach blanket slice o’fun in the sun has enough chirpy chick vocals and jing-janglin’ guitars to get you offa that thing and dancin’ the strip-shake before you know it. Chirps up!

Chloe CharlesLittle Green Bud (self released EP) :: Evocative soundscapes languidly swirl about like windswept snowflakes. Then Chloe’s magnificent voice materializes in the middle of your mind with a warming timbre telling warning tales rife with the learned experience of one who knows. Meanwhile, her acoustic guitar proceeds to gently pluck away at your meager defenses until you finally capitulate.

The Hyena Dog RobberyThe Hyena Dog Robbery (self released) :: Kids, if you’re gonna steal, make sure that you steal from the best like these sonic satirists do. When they aren’t busy burgling guitar riffs from “Secret Agent Man” and “James Bond Theme” they’re busy burgling vocals from the Cramps and My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult. Now that’s what I call snatchin’ the pooch!

Middle Class RutNo Name No Color (Bright Antenna) :: Y’never know when something new’s gonna come rocketing in outta left field to grab you by the ears and shake you wide awake—and you won’t sleep for days after you hear this relentless amped-up guitar ’n’ drum overdrive onslaught that wittily welds angst-ridden Trenton Reznor boo-hoo heaviness with angry Peter Townshend screw-you poppiness.

Pamela Des BarresI’m With The Band: Confessions Of A Groupie (Chicago Review Press) :: She’s my little douche coupe, you don’t know what I caught.

Keith RichardsLife (Little, Brown) :: “That’s life.” “What’s life?” “A book.” “How much does it cost?” “Thirty bucks.” “I only have a dollar.” “That’s life.” “What’s life?” “A book.” “How much does it cost?” “Thirty bucks.” “I only have a dollar.”

Frank Sinatra“That’s Life” (Reprise) :: What’s life?

Desi ArnazA Book (Buccaneer) :: Well, that was fun.

Bad BooksBad Books (Razor & Tie) :: What if the David Bowie who recorded Hunky Dory and the Kevin Ayers who recorded whatevershebringswesing had teamed up to record a delightfully light album like this intelligent airy offering? Too bad the naïve cover art is so visually repulsive though. Style, boys. Whatever happened to style?

Franklin D. RooseveltThe New Deal (1933) :: What rock ’n’ roll needs is a Works Progress Administration!

The New DealLive: Toronto 7.16.2009 (SCI Fidelity) :: This synth, bass and drums aggregate is great at cranking out the trippy transcendental trance beats in a way that sounds like an intoxicated unification of prog rockers FM with trance rockers Tangerine Dream under the amped up aegis of hardhouse rocker Lisa Lashes. Then some maroon on stage has to break the mood by inanely yelling out: “All right Toronto! Let’s take this one out! C’mon! Are you with me? Are you with me?” No kid, that’s where you lost me. Next time, keep your mouth shut.

Motionless In WhiteCreatures (Fearless) :: At first scream, these guys seem to be the scare apparent to Pantera only a lot more melodic with an upped ante of atmospheric keyboard washes. Maybe they oughtta change their name to the Ozzy Osmonds.

Trent Reznor & Zack de la Rocha - Rage Against The Pretty Hate Machine (Polemic) :: I wish.

SIZZLING PLATTER OF THE WEEK: Randy Weston And His African Rhythms SextetThe Storyteller: Live At Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola (Motéma) :: Man, if you think that’s a mouthful to visually digest, then just wait until your ears get hip-addicted to one of the most slammin’ist live jazz albums to be released in many a moon ’cause this thick smoker sounds as if it came wafting outta some swingin’ soiree where the ultra suave groove on ultra waves of sound.

When ivory-tinkler Weston isn’t smearcasing Keith Jarrett at his own game on the Latin jazz pioneer tribute “Chano Pozo,” he’s hunkered down and hammering away on “Jus’ Blues” like a seriously schizoid Mike Garson. Then the band comes roaring in straight outta Heavytown like they’ve been depth charging Dizzy’s “Manteca” for breakfast with a four-sided Miles Dark Magus chaser.

And just when you think that your head is gonna explode from this overdose of sheer aural ecstasy, they lower the pace and let you take five before cranking it up all over again.

That’s slammin’ist.

Be seeing you!

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