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Saturday, May 13, 2023



Plastic Crimewave SoundPlastic Crimewave Sound (Prophase) :: Against a fuzz-tone wall these dirt bags growl: “I am planet-crushing! Still look like Peter Cushing!” Which I thought was a pretty oblique nod to the ’50s Hammer horror hero until I realized that they were making a pretty obvious pun on his ’70s Death Star stint. Oh well.

Screaming Lord SutchScreaming Lord Sutch And Heavy Friends (Atlantic) :: Better!

AC NewmanGet Guilty (Last Gang) :: Like a harder-edged Donovan backed by a wash of Sgt. Beatlesque mellotrons and a wave of good Wilsonesque vibrations? This one’s straight outta 1967—and it’s about time!

Lou ReedMetal Machine Music (RCA) :: Better!

Lucie IdloutSwagger (Sun Rev) :: She struts into the room with a sexy cum-wither attitude that smacks of the pop-sodden ’70s when stereo guitars wailed and ball-busters like Suzi Quatro and Joan Jett railed.

Neil YoungArc (Reprise) :: Better!

Fake Problems – It’s Great To Be Alive (Side One Dummy) :: This one starts out sounding like Tom Waits fronting the E Street Band, complete with overblown Bat Out Of Hell orchestrations, before settling into a big Dictators groove.

Lady JuneLady June’s Linguistic Leprosy (Caroline) :: Better!

Blue HandsHot Puppies (THP) :: The synth stylings of vintage Gary Numan coupled with an ’80s cross of Sandi’s Sunsets and Siouxsie’s Banshees.

Yoko OnoApproximate Infinite Universe (Apple) :: Better!

PorticoFirst Neighbours (Copperspine) :: Primo Portishead-ish pop paeans!

SNIVELING PLATTER OF THE WEEK: These Green EyesRelapse To Recovery (Black Ledge) :: More utterly bland and boring predicable soulless teenage angst rock that you’ve heard done a dozen times before, all of it sounding as if it were formed by the same sonic cookie cutter without a single shred of redeeming human personality. I could name half a dozen albums that are better than this faceless tripe without even trying.

Charles MansonLie (self released) :: Well, five out of six ain’t bad.

Be seeing you!

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