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Saturday, January 1, 2022



Presented for your needle-droppin’ groove approval, in semi-strict ethno-alpha-numerical order so as not to show any undue kickback payola favoritism, is this rerun reminder of what was Jeffrey Morgan’s 2016 Top Ten List Of Records as they appeared on my official ballot for that year’s Village Voice rock critics poll, which I’ve been voting in annually ever since Robert Christgau was kind enough to give me the nod some six decades or so ago. In other words, and I’ve got a million of ’em, these were my Sizzling Platters Of The Year, all of which still deserve repeated spins on your old grand-dad’s Victrola. Don’t ask why! Just buy them!

My Life With The Thrill Kill KultSinister Whisperz II: The Interscope Years (1992-1996) (SleazeBox) ● Bun E. CarlosGreetings From Bunezuela! (BunMart) ● Iggy PopPost Pop Depression (Loma Vista) ● The Flowers Of HellSymphony No. 1 (Optical Sounds) ● James Clark InstituteYesterday’s Misadventures (Clark Institute) ● World’s Forgotten SonsWorld’s Forgotten Sons (self released) ● Levin Minnemann RudessFrom The Law Firm Of Levin Minnemann Rudess (Lazy Bones) ● Kris MoauroColours (Canadian American) ● As WatersAs Waters (self released) ● Various Artists24 Classic Blues Songs From The 1920s Volume 13 (Blues Images) ● Lou ReedMetal Machine Music: 41st Anniversary Edition (RCA Red Seal)

Be seeing you!

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