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Saturday, October 16, 2021



David WilcoxBoy In The Boat (Stony Plain) :: I still can’t slog my noggin around the fact that the former frock-coated, long haired, handlebar mustachioed Teddy Bear who once had one of the most visually arresting looks in all of rock ’n’ roll is now a generic cue ball blooze man. But he is, and the pull-quote hypester in me wants to say: “Whether he’s layin’ pipe or shuckin’ sugar, David Wilcox still has what it takes to go the blues bustin’ distance!” But the truth-tellin’ rock critic in me has to admit: “Toss this anemic album overboard!”

AstralasiaVolumes 1 & 2 (MVD Audio/Voiceprint) :: Originally released on two separate cassettes, this is well-done long-format hypnotic prog rock that fuses early guitar-based Tangerine Dream pop atmospherics with an ambient marching band loop-sampled drone acid aesthetic.

The Great KatBeethoven On Speed (Metal Mind) :: I’d say that this overrated B-cup devil worshipper with a grue dress on could’ve been the female Buckethead, but that would be an insult to chicken chewers everywhere.

The Great KatWorship Me Or Die! (Metal Mind) :: Sorry, I don’t do requests.

Jas ObrechtYoung Buckethead, Volumes 1 & 2 (MVD Visual DVD) These two discs of rare 1990-91 performances are a must see cautionary tale for any guitarist who ever hoped to make it big. Wearing a KFC bucket on his head and armed with more God-given talent than anyone ever wished for, Bucky plies his craft with jaw-dropping ease—ultimately all to no avail.

Plastic Crimewave SoundNo Wonderland (MVD Audio/Prophase) :: 78 trippy mind-bending minutes of freak-out destorto thrash rock that’ll leave your bloody forehead demented and your bedroom wall royally dented

SIZZLING PLATTER OF THE WEEK: The ReasoningAwakening (MVD Audio/Comet) :: Astonishingly excellent high quality prog rock from a band that manages to merge the classic soaring Jefferson Airplane tag team vocals of Grace Slick and Marty Balin with the heavy dexterous sound of Yes at their live in concert heaviest.

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