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Saturday, April 10, 2021



Leo - Nightmares (Dream Makers) :: Welcome to their Nightmares, I think you're gonna like it. I think you're gonna feel like listening to this angst-riddled album.

The Future Kings Of Nowhere - The Future Kings Of Nowhere (307 Knox) :: Just like the Kingston Trio, only faster and bloodier.

Shuyler Jansen - Today's Remains (Black Hen) :: Finally, a country album that cuts through the current commercial crapola and digs deep to mine the core of quality workmanship.

Bedouin Soundclash - Street Gospels (Side One Dummy) :: Street garbage that makes me lift my leg and do the pissant shuffle.

Eve To Adam - Queens To Eden (KDS) :: Track one is a banal blooper about popping pills. Track two is a pooped popped-up power ballad. The result is an easy double play that retires the side and leaves the rest of the album stranded in the on-deck circle.

Heavy Trash - Going Way Out With Heavy Trash (Yep Roc) :: Jerry Lee Lewis soaks the Cramps with spo-dee-o-dee wine and gives them a butane flame job. Mucho recommendo.

Caribou - Andorra (Merge) :: Ethereal electronics which soar like a hot air balloon escaping from a Fripp & Eno prisoner of pop camp.

Mister Mann - December Looms (self-released) :: A guy who looks like Willem Dafoe and sings: "I become the rapist from your past." What are the odds?

SIZZLING SNATCH PLATTER OF THE WEEK: Gore Gore Girls - Get The Gore (Bloodshot) :: Not since the recently reunited Cycle Sluts From Hell has there been such primo pseudo-primitive, boob-bouncin', ball-bashin', power-pop that's more Funicello than a squirtin' spread-eagled beach blanket quim quench and tuffer than Tura Satana layin' a patch over your chewed-off and spat-out knob.

Be seeing you!

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