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Saturday, October 31, 2020





Gordon DavisShaft (Warner Bros.) :: Can you dig it?


Geoff Berner with Diona Davies and Wayne AdamsThe Wedding Dance Of The Widow Bride (Jericho Beach) :: It’s not every day you hear an album that begins: “I’m internationally recognized as a really, really lucky guy. Everybody knows that I’m the lucky goddamned Jew.”


The Book Of ListsThe Book Of Lists (Scratch) :: I meant to type “shitfaced Brit psychedelia” but I’ll honor my typo as a hidden intention and admit that “stiafes brit psychedcecia” is a much better way to describe this Jarvis Bowie meets Suede Floyd glam pop album.


Dustin Cole with The SpecialestTry And Love Me (Scratch) :: Crystal clear vocals on cavortin’ cruise control drift languidly over a barren backwash of minimal and at times deeply distorted in the red instrumentals.


Isaac Hayes – “Theme From Shaft” (Stax) :: Right on.


Amplified HeatAmplified Heat (Arclight) :: Feelthy mungified Texas rock that’s stronger than dirt and sounds just like Lemmy fronting Blue Cheer. Bonus points for stealing the intro from Rush’s “Any Way I Can” and reinverting it.


ALORoses & Clover (Brushfire) :: Track one on this professionally spit-polished platter is derivative enough of the Springsteen Allmans to get my attention and original enough to keep it until I start groovin’ on the tasty Simon & Fabfunkle vibe.


The Bay-Kays – “Son Of Shaft” (Stax) :: Hot buttered jive turkeys.


SIZZLING PLATTER OF THE WEEK: Various ArtistsStax 50th Anniversary Celebration (Stax) :: Stax wax is bax to celebrate its 50th birthday with a snatch-smokin’ bag of hot reefer releases that’re both old and new. This twofer hit from the original box set is not just required listening, it’s a 100 percent cumpulsory pussy-poundin’ screw-e-delic delight. So ditch those effete Motown pansies and drop down for the real honey-humpin’ happening. Oh yassss!


Be seeing you!

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Friday, October 30, 2020



While you’re visiting, don’t forget to view the dozens of essential selections from my vast archive of
hundreds of extremely rare and previously unseen rock ’n’ roll photographs from the 1970s and 1980s—all of which were taken by myself from my front row center seat at various venerable venues; vintage historical portraits which include the following rock stars caught in their youthful prime:

David Bowie
(1976 Station To Station tour) :: Lou Reed (1974 Sally Can’t Dance tour) :: Iggy Pop (1977 The Idiot tour) :: Bob Dylan (1978 Street Legal tour) :: George Harrison (1974 Dark Horse tour) :: Paul McCartney (1976 Wings Over America tour) :: Pete Townshend (1976 The Who By Numbers tour) :: Johnny Winter (1976 Captured Live! tour) :: Jeff Beck (1975 Blow By Blow tour) :: KISS (1977 Love Gun tour) :: Alice Cooper (1975 Welcome To My Nightmare tour) :: Freddie Mercury (1977 News Of The World tour) :: Amanda Lear (1975 Sweet Revenge tour) :: Rod Stewart (1977 Foot Loose & Fancy Free tour) :: Mick Jagger (1975 It’s Only Rock ’n Roll tour) :: New York Dolls (1975 Tokyo Dolls Live tour) :: Keith Richards (1975 It’s Only Rock ’n Roll tour) :: Ian Hunter (1989 YUI Orta tour) :: Elton John (1974 Caribou tour) :: Mick Ronson (1989 YUI Orta tour) :: Steven Tyler (1977 Draw The Line tour) :: Sparks (1975 Indiscreet tour) :: James Brown (1986 Gravity tour) :: Miles Davis (1985 You’re Under Arrest tour) :: Roger Daltrey (1976 The Who By Numbers tour) :: Bruce Springsteen & Clarence Clemons (1975 Born To Run tour) :: John Entwistle (1976 The Who By Numbers tour) :: Keith Moon (1976 The Who By Numbers tour) :: The Who (1976 The Who By Numbers tour) :: and more!

Ask any dealer and he’ll tell you that the best way to get someone hooked on your product is to give them a free sample, so here’s just a small taste of what’s coming your way when you click on the eleven gallery links to your left:

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