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Saturday, January 18, 2020





Darkest HourUndoing Ruin (Victory) :: It’s always darkest before the yawn.


CatlowKiss The World (Boompa) :: Chandler’s restless lunatic daughter from The Big Sleep records a chirpy album of perky power pop rubber-room refrains.


Kid IcarusThe Metal West (Summersteps) :: Track one has a jing-janglin’ juju stutter-step. Then they vary the menu with a buffet of smart ’60s stylings that range from acoustics and harp to rude unruly fuzztone.


Led ZeppelinPresence (Swan Song) :: It’s easy to forget how unrelentingly brutal these four guys could be when they were really angry. Bonus points for singing with a broken leg.


Ringo StarrChoose Love (KOCH) :: Hey, if half of your old band was gone, you’d start singing heartfelt spiritual songs like “Oh My Lord” too.


Pete Townshend & Roger DaltryWho’s Left (Decca) :: Then again, maybe you wouldn’t.


The MoggsThe White Belt Is Not Enough (Absolutely Kosher) :: He’s a git picker. She’s a skin whacker. Together they beat the Kills at their own minimalist game.


DevildriverThe Fury Of Our Maker’s Hand (Roadrunner) :: Where have you gone, Phil Anselmo? A nation turns its bleeding ears to you.


Ric FlairTo Be The Man (WWE Books) :: Woo! Woo! Woo!


SIZZLING PLATTER OF THE WEEK: Jennifer FosterFit For Mars (Kanada Kid) :: Jen has the vivacious looks, the vocal hooks, and an engaging witty songwriting style that’ll playfully sucker-punch you when you least expect it and have you down on the floor looking up with a new-found respect before you even know what hit you. You can trust me when I tell you she’s that good.


Be seeing you!

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