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Saturday, November 16, 2019





VCRVCR (Side One Dummy) :: Casio camp music so homofied it makes Xiu Xiu sound like Ted Nugent.


Michael Parks...Then Came Bronson (NBC) :: Isn’t it about time that Michael Parks’ 1969 Zen motorcycle series finally came out on DVD?


Treiops TreyfidFeelings Of Unreality (Postfact) :: My feeling is that ‘unreality’ is putting it mildly. Still, this eclectic album does contain “Rolling Blackout” which is one of the best songs Unca Lou never recorded for Loaded.


The Factory IncidentRed Tape (Postfact) :: The singer sounds like a flattened cross between monotonic John Lydon and histrionic David Bowie after being plugged by Valerie Solanis. But that just gives these jangling rockers an authentic punk patina.


SIZZLING PLATTER OF THE WEEK: The MuggsThe Muggs (Times Beach) ::, with typical retarded teenage diction, says these guys “rawwwk.” Ann Arbor Paper, with typical gushing fanboy sycophancy, says “Danny Methric is Detroit’s Angus Young.” Of course, they’re both wrong. What we really have here is Michigan’s own Methricphetamine version of ZZ Top with all of the bulwark bluster and none of the stylistic subtleties. Their suspended animation brand of ’70s arena rock boogie may have seen them slotted in as a high noon opener for Ted and Aerosmith at California Jam, but I doubt it.


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