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Saturday, November 2, 2019





Super Heavy Goat Ass60,000 Years (Arc Light) :: Darn fine no-nonsense fuzztone blues rock from the Lone Star State that’ll never get the extensive cross-country breakout FM airplay it rightfully deserves because of their self-defeating career-limiting band name.


Serena RyderUnlikely Emergency (Isadora) :: She’s got a dynamic show-stopping voice that squirts personality by the bucketful every time she opens her mouth, but her stalled soporific songs would make even Speedy Gonzalez siesta. So ditch the dreary diva dirges and find yourself a real rock ’n’ roll band that can play in 4/4 time and tow you out of the middle of the road.


Justin RutledgeNo Never Alone (Six Shooter) :: Because the lyric “too sober to sleep too drunk to cry” is the hanky-honkin’ tonk of the week, Kleenex stock is up $3.00 at the closing bell.


Ian Tyson – Songs From The Gravel Road (Stony Plain) :: You don’t have to have lived in a farmhouse on the vast ambient Canadian plains under starry skies to fully appreciate what Ian is singing about on this touching heartfelt country album. But there are worse ways to live and certainly worse albums to listen to.


Mariah CareyThe Emancipation Of Mimi (MonarC) :: This being one of them.


SIZZLING PLATTER OF THE WEEK: Jay GilesJay Giles Plays Jazz! (Francesca) :: From Charlie Watts to Randy Bachman, the rock ’n’ roll morgue is littered with many a mangled corpse on a slab that unwisely decided to unleash its inner jazzbo. And while this isn’t exactly Charlie Christian and Benny Goodman doing “Seven Come Eleven,” former Lester Bangs sideman J. Giles has come close to cloning that classic ’30s vamp sound.


Be seeing you!

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