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Saturday, October 19, 2019





Jennifer GentileValende (Sub Pop) :: If I were the guy who recorded this dire disc of dissipated diarrhea, I’d hide behind a girl’s name, too.


GlissHalfway Gone (Mountain Lo-Fi) :: On the first track he tries to kick like a mule. Then he perverts to form and dresses like a queen, it’s a real schlemiel deal.


IvyIn The Clear (Nettwerk) :: For good Portishead call Ivy.


Anton Barbeau With The Bevis FrondKing Of Missouri (Bongo Beat) :: Had Elvis Costello actually been a ’70s punk rocker, he just might’ve recorded this loose and vibrant affair that’s part wordy Dylan and part nasally Lennon.


RockethouseWeapons Of Mass Distortion (Kanine) :: Funky fuzztone music that’ll have you cage-shakin’ in your white go-go boots.


Forever ChangedThe Need To Feel Alive (Floodgate) :: Every time I see a back cover photo of four short-haired kids in T-shirts I cringe because they all invariably sound the same: lame. Remember what I said about bands that are deficient in the personality department? Well, you can add these guys to the list.


Yellow SecondAltitude (Floodgate) :: What, another back cover photo of four short-haired kids in t-shirts who sound lamer than lame? Better add these guys to the list, too.


SIZZLING PLATTER OF THE WEEK: MardoMardo (House Of Restitution) :: They oughtta give away a free farm-size box of Kleenex with every copy sold because this is one helluva snotty album whose snooty snout attitude drips straight out of the Punky Meadows Lip Farm. Even Binky knows that Mardo’s a retro-retardo smash up of everything from Love It To Death and Dressed To Kill to Cheap Trick.


Be seeing you!

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