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Saturday, June 22, 2019





Jimmy LynchNigger Please! (MVD Audio) :: Colorful!


DwellerGood Morning Harakiri (Small Stone) :: Dawning!


Little SunsNormal Human Feelings (High Romance) :: Illuminormal!


DevilleHydra (Small Stone) :: Minky!


Redd FoxxI Ain’t Lied Yet! (MVD Audio) :: Truthful!


Larman ClamorFrogs (Small Stone) ::  Leaping!


Destroy This PlaceDestroy The Place (Bellyache) :: Razing!


Dixie WitchLet It Roll (Small Stone ) :: Spellbinding!


These HeartsYours To Take (Victory) :: Rending!


Five Horse JohnsonThe Taking Of Black Heart (Small Stone) :: Captivating!


Sister SinNow And Forever (Victory) :: Eternal!


Sun Gods In ExileThanks For The Silver (Small Stone) :: Ramrodding!


The Virgin MarysKing Of Conflict (Wind-Up) :: Clashing!


GozuThe Fury Of A Patient Man! (Small Stone) :: Raging!


Canned HeatLive At Montreux 1973 (Eagle) :: Sterno!


Mother Of GodAnthropos (Small Stone) :: Ricoized!


Penguin PrisonPenguin Prison (Downtown) :: Elegant!


MomanthaBackwoods Payback (Small Stone) :: Squealing!


Don NixLiving By The Days (Real Gone Elektra) :: Hawtlix!


Lord FowlMoon Queen (Small Stone) :: Lunachix!


CounterpartsThe Difference Between Hell And Home (Victory) :: Parsing!


Lo-PanSalvador (Small Stone) :: Hi-Praise!


Sister SinDance Of The Wicked (Victory) :: Gavotting!


Skanska MordPaths To Charon (Small Stone) :: Styxxy!


The Duke SpiritBruiser (Fiction) :: Two-Fisted!


Freedom HawkHolding On (Small Stone) :: Soaring!


Tear Out The HeartViolence (Victory) :: Rending!


NightstalkerDead Rock Commandos (Small Stone) :: Kolchakking!


BushmasterRevolution Rhapsody (self released) :: Raptivating!


AbrahmaThrough The Dusty Paths Of Our Lives (Small Stone) :: Chartopping!


Skillet & Leroy & Lawanda Page2 Or 3 Times A Day (MVD Audio) :: Insatiable!


Green LeafNest Of Vipers (Small Stone) :: Biting!


SIZZLING PLATTER OF THE WEEK: Thomas AlexanderPiano Madness (self released) :: Gershwinnner!


Be Seeing You!

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