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Saturday, October 6, 2018





The Who“Tattoo” (Decca) :: Best song title ever!


Van Halen“Tattoo” (Interscope) :: Best song title ever!


The Beatles“From Me Tattoo” (Parlophone) :: Worst song title ever!


SIZZLING REISSUE OF THE WEEK: The WhoQuadrophenia Maximum: The Director’s Cut: Super Deluxe Edition (Polydor) :: This definitive four disc edition of the ’Oo’s masterpiece lives up to its exhaustive title by including over two dozen demos plus a profusely illustrated book written by the album’s big nosed songwriter that’s one hundred English pounds—er, pages.


SIZZLING VIDEO OF THE WEEK: The WhoLive At The Cow Palace (November 20, 1973) :: When the ’Oo went on their 1973 “whirlwind” tour of North America to promote Quadrophenia, they weren’t kidding around because within twelve days it was all over but the drinking.


Luckily, this privately recorded two hour black and white videotape—a three camera shoot which was “liberated” from promoter Bill Graham’s personal archive—captures the band’s opening night in San Francisco as they struggle with a dodgy quadraphonic sound system and a druggy quadriplegic drummer who passes out not once, but twice, after imbibing animal tranquilizers and booze.


Then, with the cameras still rolling, the big nosed guitarist steps up to the microphone and asks the music question: “Is there a drummer in the house?” At which point teenage audience member Scot Halpin accepts the offer, is allowed up on stage, and actually sits down behind Keith Moon’s drums. Then things really get interesting.


SIZZLING BOOK OF THE WEEK: Richie UnterbergerWon’t Get Fooled Again: The Who From Lifehouse To Quadrophenia (Jawbone) :: Even the biggest ’Oo fan will be impressed by this painstakingly researched digest that comprehensively covers the band’s most prolific post-Thomas period. I learned more about the ’Oo in the first 25 pages than I did in the last 25 years! Bonus points for quoting a CREEM Magazine interview that I did with “Old Big Nose” back in 1975 about the ’Oo’s legendary rock opera Bible One.


SIZZLING PLATTER OF THE WEEK: Pete TownshendLive At The Roundhouse (April 14, 1974) :: What makes this audience recording of Pete’s first ever live solo concert so charming to listen to is the fact that it actually is a solo performance in that the bulk of the show consists of Pete playing his electric guitar accompanied only by a primitive rhythm generator. “This next one is a little bit more complicated,” he says prior to playing “Big Boss Man” as he strives to set the machine to a new preset rhythm. “Fox Trot 2 on the beat box.”


The crowd is a rowdy boisterous lot that results in a lot of banter between the artist and his audience of hard core fans. “I come from a rough neighbour’ood,” he warns a heckler before launching into an eclectic selection of songs ranging from Jimmy Reed’s “Goin’ To New York” to Tim Harden’s “If I Were A Carpenter” and an even more arcane assortment of ’Oo songs ranging from “Tattoo” and “Happy Jack” to “The Seeker” and “Let’s See Action.”


He even takes a break to spin two demo recordings of “My Generation” and give a prototypical Professor Pete pontification on how they were made in his home studio. “Note the stutter!” he proudly points out as the first tape plays.


Bonus points for rewriting “Magic Bus” to include this new inspirational insecurity verse: “I’m so nervous, I’m sure it shows. Don’t say anything about my great big nose!”


The WhoBible One (Eel Pie) :: Coming soon!


Be seeing you!

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