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Saturday, May 5, 2018





Duff McKagan’s LoadedThe Taking (Armoury) :: Y’gotta love a legendary substance abuser who’s got the temerity to have a band name like that and an album that contains song titles like “Cocaine” and “Follow Me To Hell” while staying true to his archetypal classic rock roots. Granted, it may not be nearly as much of a high-octane hoot to listen to as either Steve Stevens’ Atomic Playboys or Vince Neil’s Exposed still are, but considering that both of those albums were recorded decades ago in a much kindler and gentler world, it only makes sense that Duff’s soberific new underTaking would more accurately reflect what’s going on today.


Cycle Sluts From Hell“Speed Queen” (Epic) :: Best hard rock song about a washing machine ever.


SIZZLING CONCEPT OF THE WEEK: Various ComplainersComplaints Choir (Smog Veil) :: I’ll be the first to admit that I shoulda reviewed this one many moons ago—but you’d be late too if you hadda listen to three compact discs and watch a full-length DVD movie, which is exactly what this jam-packed package contains. Conceptually, it’s the greatest naïve audiophonic idea since the dawn and demise of the late lamented Portsmouth Sinfonia. Musically, it’s a travelling recorded road show that goes from continent to continent and captures the citizens of city after city as they record vast litanies of, you guessed it, everyday complaints, all put to music.


Amongst the stellar selections are those performed by the rhyming Memphis Complaints Choir (“I don’t think I like your tone, please put your boss on the phone!”); the philosophical Singapore Complaints Choir (“What’s not expressly permitted is prohibited!”); and the predictably merciless New York Complaints Choir (“Babies! There’s a place for them! It’s called Nebraska!”). With dozens of cities represented, you can rest assured that there’s a gripe here for everyone, including you. And if you don’t like it, you can form your own Complaints Choir!


Sparks“Complaints” (Island) :: It’s my department.


Portsmouth SinfoniaThe Portsmouth Sinfonia Plays The Popular Classics (Island) :: Exactly!


SIZZLING PLATTER OF THE WEEK: Dawn RichardA Tell Tale Heart (mixtape) :: Wherein one of Dirty Money’s dynamic Diddy divas delivers a fifteen track throwdown that’ll throw you for a loop. We’re talkin’ bravura vocals backed by seamless synth-sweetened block-rockin’ electro-techno-vocoder beats that sound as cutting edge today as the sonic squibs that the Bomb Squad was detonating back in the ’80s—with a seductive side order of Malcolm McLaren’s Zulu Nation libations and Prince’s First Avenue antics to go. And when I say “bravura vocals” I’m not just whistling in Dixie because one listen to Dawn’s astonishing aural a cappella acrobatics on “Superhero” will leave you literally slack-jawed in awe. Then, by the time she follows it up with the playful ramp rage calisthenics of “Runway” and the come-hither call of “Vibrate,” you’ll be recovered and ready to follow her anywhere—assuming, of course, that she’ll let you.


Be seeing you!

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