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Saturday, December 17, 2016





GoldfingerHello Destiny (Side One Dummy) :: Any deplorable basket case who thinks that a song called “Handjobs For Jesus” is funny should either be eviscerated by an industrial laser or decapitated by a flying derby—or both. And then have their remains fed to the cleft palate butler. Garch a har?


Tim Lee 3good2b3 (Paisley Pop) :: Elliott Murphy meets Lou Reed meets Bob Dylan. But then again, they always have, haven’t they?


David MartelI Hardly Knew Me (Kindling) :: What begins with a long lingering Tangerine Kraftwerk electrowash inexplicably—but brilliantly—morphs into a Monkees’ Head vibe. Then it gets even better.


Song Of The SirenCity Lights Are Blinding You (self-released) :: Jazz-tinged pop paeans that hint that the Patti Smith Group would’ve sounded a lot better had Lenny and the boys been blessed with a less pretentious babe up front.


Old Man LuedeckeProof Of Love (Black Hen) :: Old man take a look at my review of your new banjo album it’s a lot like…well, remember those old ads that said: “Gee, Ma! It’s A Wurlitzer!” No? Then I guess you’re not all that old, after all.


Marian McPartlandTwilight World (Concord Jazz) :: I don’t know if this album of sensually slinky piano-led pieces is playing in that late-nite diner that those coffee drinking habitués are inhabiting in Edward Hopper’s painting “Nighthawks.” But if it isn’t, it should be.


Moreland & Arbuckle1861 (Northern Blues) :: A blues ’n’ roll concept album about Kansas? That rocks as hard as Johnny Winter in his slip-slidin’ prime? Fatty, what will they think of next?


Samuel JamesSongs Famed For Sorrow And Joy (Northern Blues) :: Well, howsabout a cover sticker blurb from none other than the aforesaid John Dawson that rightly proclaims Mistuh Sammy as: “Fantastic! Great voice and a great playing style! Traditional blues done with a hip twist!” In other words, it’s almost as good as Performance and Exile On Main St. combined.


SIZZLING PLATTER OF THE WEEK: James BrownI Got The Feelin’: James Brown In The ’60s (Shout! Factory) :: Didja hear about the gig Mr. Dynamite gave on live television in 1968 to keep Beantown from burnin’ down after MLK’s death? You can see it now via this three-disc set, which contains a documentary about the show, the full-length monochromatic broadcast itself, and a rare period colorcast of JB on TV.


The myth is that the GFOS showed up to save the day, but the reality is that not only did he not come up with the idea to broadcast his already-scheduled show on live television—you can thank Boston’s Mayor for that—after Hizzonner told the town to stay home and watch the JB Revue on the tube, an irate Looking Out For Soul Brother No. 1 got on the bad foot by demanding that he be paid $60,000 to recoup the loss incurred by tanking ticket sales and box office refunds.


But the big payback is a bitch, which is why the high point of the proceedings is watching Butane James’ own personal Altamont ignite when he loses control of the show after inviting the audience to climb up and join him onstage.


Be seeing you!

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