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Saturday, July 16, 2016





Hells AngelsFrom Pool Cues To Miscues: The Failed 1969 Plot To Murder Mick Jagger (Altamonterey Flop) :: Sonny Bungler is more like it.


Ann VriendWhen We Were Spies (self-released) :: Infectiously cooed pop tunes by an April Dancer chanteuse stuffed into a tight trench coat fulla pseudo-THRUSH shenanigans. Open channel D!


Lenny KravitzIt’s Time For A Love Revolution (Virgin) :: He stole the riff of “Are You Gonna Go My Way” from Hendrix. He sucked the coolness outta “American Woman.” He swiped this album’s back cover from Dylan and its title track from his own “Are You Gonna Go My Way,” thus making it twice stolen. Then he shamefully loots everybody else from Led Zeppelin to KISS. Thief.


Dengue FeverVenus On Earth (M80) :: What starts out as a Klaus Schulze space-out miraculously mutates into a psychedelic Jefferson Starship bongo beat before ending up on a rice paddy with a finger-snappin’ mini-skirted Cambodian chanteuse. Hey, Joe! You got gum?


Magic Mushroom BandSingles And Rarities (MVD Audio/Voiceprint) :: Where else can a track like “Eight Miles High” frottage “Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun” and have it all make sense in a solidly stoned hippie-dippy-trippy kinda cosmic way?


SIZZLING PLATTER OF THE WEEK – FRONT SIDE: Andi Sex GangInventing New Destruction (MVD Audio/Pink Noise) :: One part Another Low World and one part Their Satanic Sex Pistols Request, this synth-soaked slice of purloined, fur-lined Germanic pop musik koncrète has the kind of hallucinatory hyper-spatial 3D mix that Unca Lou only dreamed of getting on Street Hassle but never did.


SIZZLING PLATTER OF THE WEEK – BACK SIDE: Ronnie Earl & The BroadcastersHope Radio (Stony Plain) :: A fully loaded and completely instrumental live blues-cum-jazz album that ecstatically evokes Booker T & The MGs and Santana with Jimi’s Nine To The Universe hyper-space noodling—all in one multi-orgasmic roof-raisin’ ear rush? Beulah, don’t ask how: Just open that bottle of emotion lotion and start a-latherin’!


Be seeing you!

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