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Saturday, May 28, 2016





OctobermanRun From Safety (White Whale) :: This dire disc’ll make you feel like leaping off a tall building in a single bound.


Architecture In HelsinkiPlaces Like These (Polyvinyl) :: Prince meets 808 State? Talking Heads meets B-52s? No matter how you slice it, this one’s a real hoot.


WintersleepWelcome To The Night Sky (Labwork) :: Thoughtful ethereal pop music that ends with an ambitious eight-minute art rock epic called “Miasmal Smoke & The Yellow Bellied Freaks” that’s well worth the price of admission.


ScorpionsHumanity Hour 1 (New Door) :: If you only buy one classic heavy guitar crunge rock album this week, this be the one. Of course, I could do without all the treacly power ballads. But, then again, I always have.


Kent McAlister & The Iron ChoirThe Way It Rolls (self released) :: Capable country pickin’ that’s chock-a-block with tasty twang and a fine fiddle finesse.


Midtown DickensOh Yell! (307 Knox) :: These here wacky wimmins pack a perky pedigree and strum smart ’n’ sassy minimal folk rock with a wicked wit quotient that’s half Sparks, half Dictators, and all theirs.


Two Hours TrafficLittle Jabs (Bumstead) :: “Nighthawks” is one charming little pop song, but it’s the rest of the record that’ll give you Dagwood!


Boys NoizeOi Oi Oi (Last Gang) :: These relentlessly aggressive Enovative electronic soundscapes go far beyond anything Krautwerk ever envisioned.


SIZZLING PLATTER OF THE WEEK: RockfourMemories Of The Never Happened (Anova) :: Israel’s newest hitmakers have come up with an album that blends the best of Tangerine Dream’s ambient drones (“Glued Half & Half”) with the Beatles’ psychedelic rock ’n’ roll (“Because Of Damaging Words”). And that’s just the first two tracks. Stay tuned and you’ll hear the marathon Harrisonic “Dear Truth” living side by side with the exhilarating Badfinger-steeped “It Ain’t Easy (When You’re Gone).” Inspirational lyric: “First thing that I thought of when I saw you walk away was, ‘How could someone run so fast on high heels?’”


Be seeing you!

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