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Saturday, January 2, 2016





Presented for your approval, in semi-strict order so as not to show any undue payola favoritism, is Jeffrey Morgan’s 2015 Top Ten List Of Records as they appear on my official ballot for this year’s Village Voice rock critics poll, which I’ve been voting in annually ever since Robert Christgau was kind enough to give me the nod five decades ago. In other words, and I’ve got a million of ’em, these are my Sizzling Platters Of The Year, all of which deserve repeated spins on your Victrola.


01 :: Wendy JamesThe Price Of The Ticket (Pledge Music) :: The greatest supersonic offering yet by America’s all-time greatest femme fatale—and I do mean female!


02 :: Sarah Jane MorrisBloody Rain (Fallen Angel Records) :: The greatest supersonic offering yet by England’s all-time greatest femme fatale—and I do mean fatal!


03 :: Room Full Of StrangersBad Vacation (self released) :: Perfectly primed with enough percolating primo punk attitude to do you through, Room Full Of Strangers crank out the kind of dirty distorto rock ’n’ roll that Mother used to hate—and on their new album Bad Vacation they effortlessly exude enough verve and swerve to conjure up fond fun-filled fuzztone memories of Blue Cheer and The Amboy Dukes, all garnished with a snappy snooty side order of two tub Dictators via the sardonic Boy Howdy! satire of CREEM: America’s Only Rock ’n’ Roll Magazine!


04 :: Marco MinnemannCelebration (Lazy Bones Recordings) :: Most regular readers of this column know who this dizbusting whizz kid is but I’ll reiterate for ya: Marco Minnemann plays the drums like Jeff Beck plays the guitar, which pretty much tells you all you need to know about this unreasonably hypersonic session that sounds like a kinetic cross between Todd Rundgren and Frank Zappa performing their most visionary and volatile audio pyrotechnics!


05 :: The 24th Street Wailers – Where Evil Grows (LBM Records) :: Four on the floor supercharged rock ’n’ roll fused with the power of the blues!


06 :: Leslie WestSoundcheck (Provogue Records) :: Leslie West? Enough said!


07 :: Left Lane CruiserDirty Spliff Blues (Alive Records) :: Don’t Bogart that track, my friend, spin it over to me!


08 :: Gregg AllmanAlive: Back To Macon, GA – January 14, 2014 (Rounder Records) :: Gregg Allman? More than enough said!


09 :: RetrocityMixtape (self released) :: If you missed their first album Totally 80s A Cappella back in 2006—or, for that matter, if you missed the entire decade known as the ever-lovin’ blue-eyed Eighties—now’s your chance to catch up on both!


10 :: Various Artists24 Classic Blues Songs From The 1920s Volume 12 (Blues Images) :: For over a decade I’ve been bending your ear about John Tefteller’s annual Blues Images calendars, each one of which is accompanied by a long player of vintage historical 78 rpm tracks. Well, consider this a friendly reminder that it’s high time you went to and found out for yourself why the 2015 edition made this Top Ten list. Better yet, go there now and start the new year right by buying their 2016 wall calendar and getting a head start on hearing why the accompanying Volume 13 disc is bound to be glorified on next year’s Top Ten list!


Be seeing you!

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