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Saturday, March 28, 2015



Lou Reed & Don Cherry - The Velvet Underground Railroad (ESP Disc) :: Includes the hit single "Gil Scott Heroin."

Minmae - le grand essor de la maison du monstere (Greyday) :: Minmae match the Underground sound by duplicating everything from the Velvet's whiplash sonic verities to Unca Lou's wavering sonorous vocals. Oh, and just in case you were wondering, the translated title says "Big Escort Monster House Party."

Led Zeppelin - "Immigrant Song" (How The West Was Won) :: Funny how I think of Tony Curtis every time I hear Robert Plant warble "Val Haller I yam cummy yee ying yeah."

Public Enemy - "A Letter To The New York Post" (Def Jam) :: And the Maya Hersholt Hip-Hop Humanitarian Award for best rap lyric goes to Flavor Flav for "It only brings agony, ask James Cagney, he beat up on a guy when he found he was a fagney." And they call Dylan a poet.

No Trigger - Canyoner (Nitro) :: The next stop is Ramonesville Station! Ramonesville Station! Change here for some upbeat screamo thrasho that'll plaster a stunned smile on your thundermug!

Voodoo Blue - Smile N Nod (DCide) :: Tonight's main event is scheduled for 14 rounds of musical angst. It's Nirvana versus Aerosmith with the local tout saying the smart money's on the boys from Boston. And there's the bell!

Lemmy Kilmister - Battlescar Killhackedica (FOX) :: You can thank Roger Corman for this Conan knockoff that has Motörhead's maim man carving carnage on the small screen every week, deaf forever to the battle's din.

Tony Curtis - Sings Led Zeppelin (Bronx Bomber) :: Yonda lies da music of my fadda.

Led Zeppelin - Outhouses Of The Holy (Swan Song) :: Includes the hit single "D'yer Rh'ea."

SIZZLING HEAD ON A PLATTER: Motörhead - "King Of Kings" (Columbia) :: "On your knees, dog!" rasps Lemmy at the beginning of his latest chainmail melody. "The traitor lost both his name and his face!" But it's the catchy chorus of "Bow down to the King!" which is destined to overthrow "We Are The Champions" as the No. 1 victory anthem in blood sport arenas around the world. This meïsterwack of medieval mayhem appears on the World Wrestling Entertainment album Wreckless Intent and I promise you-no, I guarantee-that it's worth every bloody red cent.

Be seeing you!

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