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Saturday, March 14, 2015



Paul McCartney - McCartney (Apple) :: Includes the hit single "Maybe I'm Amazed."

Todd - Comes To Your House (Southern) :: The craziest experimental horror album of the year. John Oswald's Plunderphonic meets Ed Gein's kitchen. Care for some...vittles?

John Oswald - Plunderphonic (self-released) :: In an unprecedented act of brazen censorship, the Canadian government actually seized and destroyed the remaining print run of this legendary 1989 record. But some of them escaped the crusher so I've got an original mint condition copy for sale if you're interested in buying it.

Paul McCartney - McCartney 2 (Apple) :: Includes the hit single "Temporary Secretary."

Moth - Immunity To Gravity (Hey Domingo!) :: Infectious raw 'n' raucous power pop that evokes Elvis Costello at his early ironic best.

Soupy Sales - Blaa-Oh Blaa-Oh Blaa-Oh (Rhino Handmade) :: It's bad enough that David Lee Roth stole his entire act from Jim "Dandy" Mangrum, but this album shows that Roth also stole his whole style of speaking from Soupy!

Black Oak Arkansas - "Moonshine Sonata" (Atco) :: Song title of the century.

Paul McCartney - McCartney 3, Wife 2 (Apple) :: Includes the hit single "Peg O' My Heart."

STACKED PAIR OF THE WEEK: Janiva Magness - Do I Move You? (Northern Blues) :: Janiva's got a big set of tits and she's not afraid to lie on her stomach and show them off on her album cover if it means selling a few extra copies. And on jizz-soaked tracks like "A Man Size Job" and "Stealin' Sugar" she shows that she's also got a very big voice. Not as big as her tits, mind you, but big.

Paul McCartney - McCartney 64, Wife 0 (Zapple) :: Includes the hit single "No More Nagging Nights."

Be suing you!

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