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Saturday, September 13, 2014



Various Multi-millionaire Rock Stars
Live 8 (Shell Out for UNICEF) :: Bangladesh. Live Aid. Nicaragua. Farm Aid. Kampuchea. Band Aid. There’s nothing like a bunch of multi-millionaire rock stars supporting their personal pet projects on the backs of their loyal fans. The lineup to get fleeced forms to the left.

CREEM Magazine
August 1981 (Page 53) :: I was right then and I’m right now. You could look it up.

Celine Dion
– “Not Leaving On A Jet Plane” b/w “Not Leaving Las Vegas” (Rich And Lazy) :: I guess no one bothered to tell Mrs. Howard Hughes that it’s called “Live 8” not “Live Video Feed 8.”

Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, James Brown, B.B. King, Miriam Makeba, The Pointer Sisters
The Rumble In the Jungle (Don King) :: At least they had the guts to actually go there.

The Ladies And Gentlemen
Small Sins (Boompa) :: At first listen, one man band Thomas D’Arcy sounds kinda like the Frausdots. Which is good. Then you begin to realize that he just might be the new Bryan Ferry. Which is even better.

Mysterious Animals (RiYL) :: “Frankie Teardrop” Suicide? “The Pleasures Of Interstate Trucking” Big Black? “Caligari’s Mirror” Pere Ubu? Whatever your poison, this ripe tornado of torment is guaranteed to provide Fast! Fast! Relief! from life’s sunny moments. FDA approval not pending.

Sizzling Prediction Of The Year: Jeffrey Morgan’s Media Blackout #13
I Told You So (December 15, 2004) :: “Start saving your pennies now because there are only seven months left until Live Aid 2005: The 20th Anniversary Con Job.”

Baa seeing you!

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