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Sunday, June 8, 2014



John Cale & Lou Reed - Songs For Drella (Sire) :: Everything they've done separately, no matter how good, is mere artifice compared to this sincere, monumental work of art. When's the last time you listened to it?

The Sharp Ease - Going Modern (olFactory) :: Meanwhile, if Cale and Lene Lovich had sired quadruplet daughters 25 years ago, those four femmes would've grown up to record this smart 'n' sassy pop album.

Tara Angell - Down And Out: The Come Down EP (Rykodisc) :: Hide the razorblades because if ever a record lived up to its title, it's this one. This dour dish makes Marianne Faithfull sound like Toni Basil cranked to the gills on a helium speedball.

Josh Rouse - Nashville (Rykodisc) :: Maybe the Ryman Auditorium isn't ready for a guy who sings lyrics like: "Later on, after the show, we can go to your room, I can try on your clothes."

Johnny Cash - "A Boy Named Sue" (Columbia) :: Then again, maybe it is.

SIZZLING PLATTER OF THE WEEK: The Devlins - Waves (Nettwerk) :: Having survived the trauma of Chas being killed by Harry Flowers, the two remaining brothers buck up and record this fine album. I like that, turn it up.

Be seeing you!

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