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Sunday, January 12, 2014



South Park
The Passion Of The Jew (Paramount DVD) :: Oh my God, they killed... Sorry, wrong character.

The Rolling Stones
– “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” (ABKCO) :: Dismayed that the Stones are shilling for Coca-Cola? Then you’ve obviously never heard the Rice Krispies TV jingle they recorded for Kelloggs back in 1963.

Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow
(Paramount Pictures) :: Where’s Buckaroo Banzai and the Hong Kong Cavaliers when we really need them?

Finn Brothers
Everyone Is Here (Nettwerk) :: It’s true that the wonkiness exhibited by Neil and Tim during their glory days with Split Enz and Phil Manzanera has been burnished to a smooth mature sheen on this low-key release, but the last time I looked you weren’t getting any younger either.

Monday Night Football
(ABC) :: Seeing Dennis Hopper back on a chopper in his old Easy Rider Buckskin Billy duds is the closest we’ll ever get to the late Terry Southern’s proposed Biker Heaven sequel.

Five Guys Walk Into A Bar... (Warner Bros.) :: Here’s why this 64-page book is the greatest chronicle extant about the greatest bar band the world has ever known: Everyone candidly chimes in with tales of brave inebriation; more than half of the photographs on display were taken by esteemed CREEM Magazine shutterbugs at Faces concerts either in Detroit or Ann Arbor; strangely enough, all of them are in focus; and, if you act now, you’ll also get four free records to which you can drink, sing, or anything (even shake a leg now and then).

Be seeing you!

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