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Sunday, March 24, 2013



Jimi Hendrix
People, Hell And Angels (Experience Hendrix) :: Try as he might, and as good as he is, even the great Eddie Kramer couldn’t mix a silk purse out of this sow’s breakfast of pristine-sounding cutting room floor outtakes which shoulda been called: The Ghouls That Played With Helpless Jimi’s Tapes. Trust me: rather than padding the relatives’ coffers with this coffin-robbing barrel-scraping dreck, you’d be much better off instead buying used vinyl copies of Rainbow Bridge and Nine To The Universe—and that goes double for Alan Douglas’ unfairly maligned Crash Landing album.

Na “Spammer” Bourbeau
Hey!:) I am Leilafes9aab!:) (SPAM Email) :: “He was not an ill-simulated him again, unless to instruct bitterly officious hearted and shortly susceptible is to have ill-saturated: but he was, in mediterranean, further respected; for he opposeed caver with nicety in the encounter of his irrevocable duties. Slender horseman had disabled me in the bath of the most amorous specimens of this zoophyte.”

And you thought I overwrote.

SIZZLING PLATTER OF THE WEEK: Question Mark & The Mysterians
– “96 Tears” (Cameo-Parkway) :: In a world where there are a gazillion great grungy garage songs, this benchmark classic has always been on my All Time Top Ten List. So you can just imagine how cool it was when I woke up one morning last week to find that Mr. Rudy Martinez, the man who wrote and sang “96 Tears,” none other than Que Mark himself, penned me the following personal message on my Facebook page after he saw that I had hacked out a few authorized rock bios:

“What about me? I have a story that spans more than anyone in rock and roll history! Just rock ’n’ roll no matter what comes at you through your life! – Yea ya, Que Mark (Question Mark) ‘96 Tears’ forever.”

Hey kids! Add me as a friend on Facebook like Que Mark did, and once I get 1,000 friends, I’ll pick one at random and give them a free David Bowie archer print!

Be seeing you!

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Sunday, March 17, 2013



Stompin’ Tom Connors
1936-2013 (R.I.P.) :: If’n ya don’t know the name, and a heel-slammin’ wood-splinterin’ shame shame shame on ya if’n ya don’t, then bust some bandwidth and go and download “The Hockey Song” (2:16); “Bud The Spud” (2:28); and “Sudbury Saturday Night” (2:30) and you’ll know why Canada is still in mourning from crêpe-laced coast to coast to coast.

Alvin Lee
1944-2013 (R.I.P.) :: Oddly enough, just two weeks ago I opened a window wide and cranked up the Woodstock version of “I’m Going Home” to post-maxiumus volume to peel the paint off the exterior walls of a neighbor’s shanty shack across the street. Look up “shredded” in your Funk & Wagnall’s and you’ll hear that last gloriously massive out of tune power chord reverberating forever from here to kingdom come. And speaking of ten years after...

The Next Day (ISO) :: I once saw David Bowie do a horrendous version of “I’m Waiting For The Man” and I said as much to Lou Reed, who immediately took umbrage at my having besmirched his boyfriend’s reputation:

Man, don’t knock Bowie. Don’t knock his motives. How could you put a negative motive to it? What has he got to gain at this stanza? Seriously, man, it’s not fair. It’s not fair, man. It’s not fair to fucking David. I mean, it’s that kind of thinking that has people on me, just from the other side. ‘He didn’t do it exactly the way you did.’ Or: ‘He didn’t do it right where he really believed it, he was jive-assing through—’ He’s jive-assing through all his songs, for that matter.”

Thanks, Lou; I couldn’t have said it any better myself. Except to say that if I recorded an album like this—c’mon, man, you’re David Bowie, remember?—I’d be too embarrassed to show my face on the album cover, too.

Marlene Dietrich
& Rosemary Clooney – “He’s Too Old To Cut The Mustard Anymore” (Columbia) :: Exactly!

Be seeing you!

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