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Sunday, April 15, 2012



Owl City
Live From Los Angeles (Eagle) :: I never heard of these nerds before, but after suffering through their mundane music and banal between song banter...

“Los Angeles, California, I wanna thank you so much for being here with us this evening! It’s kind of a special evening there’s, there’s, like, cameras everywhere! We’re shooting our first ever DVD so... Please smile... Please look beautiful... Oh, wait! You’re L.A.! No problem!”

...I never want to hear them again.

Greatest Hits Live At Montreux 2011 (Eagle) :: Carlos Santana’s greatest hits moment was at Woodstock long before he got stupid and started wearing t-shirts adorned with the smug mug of mass murderer Ernesto “Che” Guevara. But if you can forgive him that heinous ethical lapse, then maybe you’ll enjoy these two video discs which prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Stupetana’s dim-wittedness doesn’t extend all the way down to his guitar playing. But he’s still an ignorant clod.

Ray Charles
Live In France 1961 (Eagle) :: I’ve never cottoned to Ray Charles and I’ve spent years in therapy trying to figure out why. Initially I thought it was because I didn’t like the way Ray bobbed his head from side to side—but then my head shinker pointed out that I didn’t mind it when Stevie Wonder did the exact same thing. Then I thought it was because I didn’t like the way Ray sang in a guttural growl—but then my head shinker pointed out that I didn’t mind it when Joe Cocker did the exact same thing. So I gave this restored and remastered black and white television special to my head shinker; cancelled my remaining couch sessions; and didn’t go back no more, no more, no more, no more.

Poppies (self released) :: You better go out and get yourself a box of push pins and a really big map ’cause this here Lamont James is all over it. First he comes across like some kinda cross between Aquashow era Elliott Murphy and The Beatles era John Lennon at their most acoustically mellow (“Today”). Next he morphs into Around The World In A Day era Prince (“Song Of You”) and Candy-O era Cars at their most synthesizer saturated (“Sorry”). Then he has the good sense smarts to plug it in and crank it up on a cover of Teenage Head’s seminal single “Picture My Face.” After that he deftly deconstructs things down with an ambient electronic instrumental like “Kaüzendüx” that eerily evokes Stockhausen at his short waviest. But best of all is track twelve which lasts all of twenty seconds and contains naught but a syncopated drum solo. “Hey,” thinks I at the five second mark, “this reminds me of ‘Premier Drums’ on The Who Sells Out.” So I take a look to see what the song title is and wouldn’t ya know that it says: “Moonie.”

Be seeing you!

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